Still Rolling

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1. Let’s Go
2. Still Rolling
3. Square Peg
4. No Luxury
5. F*cked Up Girls


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ERIC DANTON of THE HARTFORD COURANT – “They’re a prolific lot,”

JERRY ACTUALLY of !UPSTARTER – “What I admire the most is the tenacity in which this band attacks the DIY punk scene. They take a no holds barred approach to writing, recording and distributing rock solid punk on no terms but their own. The bottom line, sadplant continues to deliver a consistent high quality product.”

PATRICK FERUCCI of THE NEW HAVEN REGISTER – “sadplant is a straight-ahead, old-school punk act with tons of power chords, catchy choruses and a constant break-neck pace.”


Order “Still Rolling” now for just $9.95 and receive a 12 track digital download instantly!”

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